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Olha ela aí mais uma vez. A pequena Nikki Webster mostrando que é enorme em talento ao gravar a animada "Heavenly" que deu origem ao segundo anjo do álbum "C'est La Vie" (2003) do Rouge a canção "Me Faz Feliz", que tanto nos fez feliz durante todos esses anos com "Vem meu anjo do céu, me faz feliz".

Acompanhe a letra de "Heavenly" versão original de "Me Faz Feliz" música do Rouge:

Not a single cloud above, everyone's so in love,
man it's good to be alive.
Smiling faces all I meet as I go dancing down the street,
angles singing by my side.
Cause you make me happy, and you make it real.

Each time we meet, feels so sweet to me
Mmm it's Heavenly.
Each little glance, when you dance with me
Yeah it's Heavenly.

Hello world I'm back again try and catch me if you can,
angles teaching me to fly.(Sky High)
Wanna take a ride with me,
make the stars our destiny
we'll see magic in the night.
Cause you make me happy, and you make it real
and you've got that special feel.


-Rap start -
So here I stand and i'm-a-thinkin' to myself,
in my world you rock like no-one else,
I wanna d-d-d-dance forever you see,
so won't you share a little groove with me, Come on.

Give it to me
Give it to me
Give it to me now.

Can't you see
Can't you see
Can't you see now.
I wish tonight would't end so soon
Cause' when you say my name my heart goes Boom-boom-boom!


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